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Cricket Club
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 Cricket Club Gin, I’m sure you have heard of it by now. Cricket Club Gin has been on the spirits market for about two years and it’s very good. What makes it good you ask?

Gins begin as a grain neutral spirit, or GNS, different botanicals are added to the GNS, with the dominate one being juniper. Other botanicals are added like, sweet orange peel, coriander, and paradise seed.

What makes Cricket Club Gin’s gain in popularity is John Ufford, our distiller, tops all of this off with just a hint of lemongrass. This gives Cricket Club a very refreshing finish with just a hint of citrus.

So, the next time you have a craving for gin, ask for it by name Cricket Club Gin please. You won’t be sorry and Indio Spirits will have a new gin customer. 

Review of Cricket Club Gin  

·         From 
Cricket Club Gin is a versatile gin that works in all kinds of cocktails because it’s so mild. A moderate hand with the juniper helps some of Cricket’s other charms come through: Citrus, coriander, and in a bit of whimsy from the distiller,  a touch of lemongrass on the palate. 86 proof and crisp as a fresh apple, the finish is dry and short, though it’s surprisingly sweeter than most other gins I’ve reviewed.”
Suggested Retail: $22.95

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