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Lemongrass is a tall, tropical and exotic plant; its leaves have a clean, lemon-like odor and taste. In the search for a citrus-flavored vodka, Indio Spirits discovered the Lemongrass, with its flavors of lemon and hints of ginger.

Indio Spirits prefers using the lower bulbous portion of the Lemongrass stem where most of the flavor is derived.

Lemongrass is cultivated throughout Southeast Asia, India, United States and the West Indies.
When thinking of a clean, refreshing citrus drink, think Indio Lemongrass-Lime Vodka.


Review of Indio Lemongrass-Lime Vodka

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"Indio Lemongrass-Lime Vodka – Yep, lemongrass, not lemon. And yes, you can taste the difference, a kind of Asian-flecked, perfumy character that spins this vodka in a different direction than the usual citrus-infused vodkas on the market. There’s a little bitter quinine-like note on the finish, but that may not be a bad thing. Try it with 7, then try it with tonic. Serve it to your friends who don’t like gin and see what they have to say. A definite favorite.“ 
Suggested Retail: $22.95

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