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Oregon Marionberry
Oregon Spirits Company

The Marionberry is a glossy blackberry with large fruit. It is special to the area because it is named after the county in which it was developed and 90% of the worlds Marionberries are grown near Salem, Oregon, located in Marion County.

Oregon’s Willamette Valley, also known as the Caneberry Capitol of the world, offers the most favorable of all climates to grow the Marionberry. . The berry’s taste is distinctively sweet, yet has a mildly tart and lasting flavor. All one has to do to enjoy its rich aroma and flavor is to remove the cork closure on Indio Spirits Marionberry Vodka, pour, smell, taste and enjoy.


Review of Oregon Marionberry Vodka

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      “Indio Oregon Marionberry Vodka – You can’t walk 20 feet in Oregon without running across something with marionberries in it, but this is the first time I’ve seen a marionberry spirit. While the marionberry is a lot like a blackberry, this infused vodka has more of a cranberry bent. Quite tart and mouth-puckeringly sour, it’s another fruity-cocktail mixer that grows on you.”
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