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Indio Spirits is a spirits brand owner that is located in the Pacific Northwest industrial center of Portland, Oregon. Our products are of a superb quality and provide the best possible value to our customers at affordable prices.

Created through the foresight and vision of John Ufford, chairman and CEO, Indio Spirits just completed its fifth year of sales having been incorporated in July 2004. In 2005, Robert G. Turner, a well respected spirits industry veteran joined the company as President and partner.

In 2005, they introduced their Indio Silver, Marionberry and Lemongrass-Lime vodkas. In 2006 Indio Spirits through association with the Snake River Stampede Rodeo (one of the top 10 PRCA rodeos), introduced the extremely popular Snake River Stampede 8 year old Canadian whisky. During that time period, Indio Spirits added to its flavored vodka products by introducing Blood Orange as well as Cricket Club Gin.

Indio Spirits produces and markets three distinct spirits product groups. All of our products are periodically taken for testing and quality checks to ensure that they conform to our required high quality standards. Our current product groups are:


Snake River Stampede 8 year old Canadian Whisky

Cricket Club Gin


o Silver Edition

o Oregon Marionberry

o Lemongrass-Lime

o Blood Orange

o Wasabi

Look for our fine spirits in restaurants, bars and entertainment venues around the country. Be sure to check with your favorite retail outlet for our 750ml and 1.75ml bottles or take home a souvenir 50 ml bottle for a friend. We are currently licensed to sell our products in the following fifteen states and where it is available over the Internet:
  • Oregon 
  • Washington 
  • Idaho  
  • Montana   
  • Wyoming  
  • Colorado 
  • Nevada  
  • Arizona  
  • California  
  • Texas   
  • Oklahoma  
  • Tennessee  
  • Georgia  
  • Florida  
  • Alaska  
For additional information, please contact:

Indio Spirits, INC.
8229 Sw Cirrus Drive
Beaverton, Oregon 97008
Phone: 503-620-0313

© 2005-2011 Indio Spirits Inc. 8229 SW Cirrus Dr. Beaverton, OR 97008

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